Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Taken by Trees

I used to love the Sweedish band, The Concretes so when I heard a familiar sounding voice on triple R the other morning, I was delighted to find out that the lead singer of The Concretes Victoria Bergsman has created some solo songs I was delighted.  She's going by the name 'Taken by Trees' and I love it. x

Screen Printing

After my recent weekend workshop at Harvest Textiles, I was so inspired that I wanted to pass on the new love to some of my year 11 students.  Equipped with some newly purchased fluro inks and some pre-sewn calico bags, the students made some pretty groovy bags, check them out.....

The last two images are my examples that I made to show students, which I will most definitely be sporting this summer!

Flowers in Bloom

Our garden has just burst into bloom over the last few days with all the recent hot weather. It's changing daily and it is lovely to observe. As we have only recently moved into this house I can take absolutely no credit for the beautiful flowers, but beautiful they are......

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Our new house!

Last weekend Chris and I moved into our new home. After years of having our belongings spread across different continents, we finally got all our stuff in one place! Hooray! It has been lovely unpacking and remembering what we have.

Cheers to new starts!

Screen printing at Harvest Textiles

This weekend I had a lovely time at Harvest Textiles in Melbourne on their two day screen printing workshop.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fox & Sui

Dear all, I really like this song...summer is coming!
x x

Wedding Birds Print

I have just recently finished this print which I have called 'Wedding Birds'.  It is a gift for my sister in-law and her partner who have recently wed.
It is a reduction lino print, with two colours (a pale lilac and a purple-black).  As you can see from the second photo - it wasn't always easy - there was real blood spilled during the making of this! It is an edition of 7, and each of them are all a little different due to ever so slightly different alignments, but I don't mind that. 
I really feel like I am addicted to lino...if only I didn't have to work and I would spend all my time doing prints!
x x

This was my original sketch alongside one of the final prints. 

Crochet Rug Update

I thought I would share some photos of my circular crochet rug which is coming along nicely, if a little slowly.  It's just single stitch and it goes around and around and around.  I've mostly been making this rug during car journeys so I have decided that it is a rug which is made in the car, for the car.
A recent drive to Yarrawonga in country Victoria gave me a good opportunity to get stuck into some serious crochet.  A little cat called Kahlua likes the rug too - she had a great time clawing her nails into it...argh!