Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Crochet Rug Update

A couple of weekends ago I went to a wedding in country New South Wales which was just lovely, however, it also gave me some serious crochet time as the drive was about 8 and a half hours.  Coming from Scotland, 8 and half hours is a ridiculous drive, but in Australia, its nothing to these Aussie peeps. 

Here are some pics of how the rug is coming along.  I am hoping to get it a bit bigger still.  When the centre of the rug is at my knee, I would like the out circumference to be at my toes.  As you can see there is still a bit to go!

P.S. I love fluro nail varnish!

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  1. Being Canadian, in a large country, with long roads into the boonies and across the provinces, I think 8hrs or isn't so far. Sadly, I don't crochet or knit but yours is well on its way to becoming a beautiful big rug for you! Well done.
    PS I left another comment on the other post again.