Thursday, 4 April 2013


This is another Art Club submission of mine from more recently.  The theme was 'body'....

I came across this image in a book at work a few weeks ago.  The book was titled 'The Decorated Body' by Robert Brain which immediately caught my eye because of this month's theme, Body.  

I found the image above with the following information:
"A romanticised sixteenth-centuary view of a tattooed Pictish woman, by Theodore de Bry after John White.  According to Julius Caesar the ancient Britons were tattooed with animal patterns, and it is possible that the word 'Briton' is derived from a Breton word meaning 'painted in various colours".

  How very interesting!  Apparently, Pictish women were valued much differently compared to today.  They were the royal heirs, they fought in battles and the most interesting of all is that it was common for female Picts to have their bodies fully tattooed.  I love the idea of women being completely decorated with animal patterns and floral tattoos which immediately gave me some visual ideas for this month's project.

This month I have been running some life drawing classes for senior students at work.  A few times when I wasn't too busy helping students, I was able to do a few quick sketches of the life models.  This particular pose I rather liked, and chose to develop the drawing for this idea. This is a relief lino print.  (I'm sure that you are fully aware of my slightly obsessive relationship to lino - I love it!) 

I had a few difficulties when I was printing this lino.  The irregular shape and fine lines gave me many headaches, but I got some prints that I am reasonably happy with.  Hope you like it!


Here is the carved piece of lino...

The original life drawing sketches...

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