Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Fabric Wreath

Now that I am on holidays I have had some time to make some crafty projects for Christmas.  I like making stuff (as you may know) and Christmas is a perfect excuse in my opinion.  

I found instructions for my fabric wreath here, and I found the fabric at Lincraft.  I opted for funky, non-traditional Christmas colours.  I also decided to use chicken wire that we had lying in our shed, purely because I didn't have a metal coat hanger, however, after completion, I think the 3 dimensional shape of the chicken wire gives the wreath a 'fuller' look in the end.

The wreath certainly brightens up our rather ugly fly screen on our front door.  It looks quite funny I think - like a shaggy, colourful dog....or something!

Pre-cutting and knotting.  I bought half a meter in each fabric and ripped them into roughly 3cm wide strips, of about 20 length.  It doesn't need to be accurate - just go with whatever shape and size your fabric is.  

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