Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Partridge Christmas Cards

Here are some photos of my 2013 Christmas cards!  They are based on the 12 Days of Christmas song, and the line 'A partridge in a pear tree!' A few years ago, I decided that I should always make our Christmas cards and this is this year's design.  I am rather happy with them!

I printed onto a creamy-oatmeal paper with a forrest green ink.  The lino cutting took about 4 hours and the printing took about another 4 or 5 hours, which made around 50 cards.  Each card measures 15 x 15cm when folded and 15 x 30cm when flat.  I packaged each card in a nice brown envelope, which I found from a seller in Glen Waverley, Melbourne for a bargain!

These little cards are currently flying all over the globe to friends and family, and some are still to be written.  

The lino....in reverse from the final print of course!

I like the envelopes, am so happy I found them! 


  1. wow, that is stunning Gillian - if you have any left can you post me one and I will return the favour (although mine are not hand printed exquisitely like yours are)? 8 Tanner Ave, East Kew 3102. Louise x

  2. Thanks for all your lovely comments Louise! Your card is in the mail :) Merry Christmas!!