Friday, 15 April 2016

Only Boring People Get Bored Print For Sale!

I am excited to share that my limited edition print 'Only Boring People Get Bored (Dark Grey)' is now for sale on my Etsy Store here.

These words were spoken to me when I was a child. I was often exclaiming “I’m bored!”, and to my annoyance at the time, I would get this response from parents, family and teachers! Nowadays, I am constantly keeping busy with projects and perhaps these words made a difference after all! This print took me about 3 years to finish, from start end. It was one of those projects that I would pick up when I had a spare half an hour in-between other projects – so it actually prevented me from becoming bored many times!

This is a limited edition of 12 prints in dark grey ink. Each print has the edition number (ie 1/12), the title and my signature.

Paper size is approximately 35 x 50cm, and the printed image is approximately 30 x 30cm.

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