Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Hello.  As you may know already, I am part of an online group called 'Around the Kitchen Table', which is often called 'Art Club' by my friends and I.  You can see the blog for it here.  This month's theme is 'Collaboration' and I was lucky to be able to collaborate with the very talented Lauren Turner. Lauren sent me a copy of her gorgeous poem all the way from London to Melbourne (via the internet) after I had put out a plea asking if anyone would like to collaborate with me.  When I read the poem I immediately had ideas as how I would turn this into an illustration as the poem is so visual.  It was great timing that the etching course was also last week so I combined the collaboration theme with my learning, et voila!  Hope you like our collaboration!

Poem written by Lauren Turner and illustration by Gillian Nix.

The original print was done with a white border....
'Hare', Gillian Nix, 2013, etching plate measures - 14.5 x 19.5cm, hand printed

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  1. Lovely! It's a lovely illustration that suits the poem well.