Thursday, 24 January 2013

Victoria Night Market

Last night I had a 'first'!  I went to the Suzuki Night Market In Melbourne.  I'm a little appalled at myself for only having just made it along.  I've heard so many good things about it - why did I not visit before now?!  Oh Lordy, it was good!  It was a feast for the eyes and ma belly!  Melbourne just has the best markets in my opinion and last night was great.  There was music, cool stalls, the atmosphere was electric and the people were having a great time.  Just perfect!  

In the end I ate Mexican quesidillas and drank the most sublime sangria....pictured below.  Delicious!

Some good looking paella...

The light coming in from the roof was lovely...

I must find a good sangria recipe, this stuff was so good.  Tonnes of cinnamon and orange and just the right amount of red wine goodness!

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